Who are we?

It has been over a century that women journalists have worked without an eco system of support. That is the core of why women are not reaching the top. 

The Coalition for Women in Journalism fosters camaraderie between women journalists around the globe. It is the first global support network for women, with mentorship and advocacy at the heart of it. We work with no national or ethnic boundaries, and offer support to women from all backgrounds.

We are born out of the industry‚Äôs need of community, equality and mentorship. 

The idea was founded in January 2016, over coffee, by women of different generations. Established in March 2017, the Coalition became the first not-for-profit to offer mentorship to women journalists from several countries and continents. We are independent, impartial and dedicated to a single, vital interest: the well-being of our colleagues. We work with partners worldwide, who share our values and goals, and help us advance our message and efforts. The Coalition strives in all its efforts to promote a culture of stewardship in the global and public interest of good journalism. Empathy and responsibility is at the heart of everything we do.

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